Chrissie Dell

Chrissie studied printmaking with Anthony Dyson RE and Ken Hutchinson in the early 1970s at The Froebel Institute, London

In 2010 she decided to spend more time developing her artistic skills and studied part-time at Leith School of Art (Edinburgh).   This included painting, drawing, artists’ books, printmaking & creative textiles.

Chrissie grew up in Edinburgh and on the west coast of Scotland. She now lives in Yorkshire. Chrissie has had the opportunity to travel widely including to Japan, Ghana and New Zealand. These experiences have influenced Chrissie’s work.

Chrissie’s inspiration comes from the forms, colours and textures of the natural world, which she interprets into her designs.

Chrissie makes multi-layered monoprints, monotypes and collagraphs using techniques including collage, chine collé, stencils, natural pigments and materials to create textural prints. She also enjoys making mokuhanga, Japanese woodcuts.